Ozone generator, 10g/h



Provides non-hazardous, chemical-free disinfection. Suitable for: sanitation treatment, allergen removal, odour removal.

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  • Completely removes tough, unpleasant odours with ozone
  • Provides completely non-hazardous, chemical-free disinfection
  • Sterilizes the entire A/C system
  • All fungi, mould, ticks can be killed with one application
  • Sanitizes not only the A/C system, but also the car or home upholstery
  • Suitable for sanitation treatment, allergen removal and odour removal
  • During the application, no plants or animals are allowed in the area, as it can cause poisoning, even death
  • It is prohibited to be in the room during application
  • Requires careful ventilation after cleaning


Humans, animals and plants may not stay in the treated area, as ozone can cause poisoning and even death! After use, the treated area must be ventilated for 30 minutes!

Technical details

  • Voltage 230V
  • Power 23W
  • Produced ozone 10g/h
  • Applicable 70-140m3
  • Operating environment 4-28°C, 60% humidity
  • Fan output 161m3/h

Areas of utilization:

  • Odour removal
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi, spores, ticks

Suitable for:

  • Air conditioning system in cars
  • Building ventillation systems
  • Upholstery
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Greenhouses (sanitizing the soil and air before planting)

    Shipping parameters

    Product weight5.10kg