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  • Accessories
  • Tyre patches

    Diagonal tyre patches for tubeless tyres and tyres with tubes: if the tyre is damaged to a smaller extent, the tyre patches, available in different types, provide a quick and effective solution. Suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks and buses.

  • Combination patch plugs

    We offer combination patch plugs with metal and non-metal stems for quick repair of narrow, nail puncture sized holes.

  • Tyre paste

    Prevent damage when mounting tyres with the tyre paste! The paste, available in white, red and black colours, is applied when changing motorcycle, passenger car and truck tyres to ensure appropriate slip between the contacting surfaces of the tyre and the rim. Take a look at our tyre paste range!

  • Tyre repair tools

    Tyre repair in- and outside. For outer repairs we offer profile groovers, thread depth gauges, regrooving blades, extruding guns to repair damage on the surface of the tyre. For inner repair you can choose from patch plugs, insert needles and reamers.

  • Quick repair

    For quick, temporary or even long-term repair of unexpected damages occuring during tyre use.

  • Valves
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Showing 1 - 15 of 21 items